Subscription options

Most RCPCH members have access to secure content on this website, including the Child Protection Companion, and can log in via their RCPCH online account. Other individuals in relevant professions may apply for Associate or Affiliate membership. Other subscription options for organisations may also be available.

RCPCH members

Most RCPCH members have access to secure content on this website as part of their annual membership subscription. This currently comprises the Child Protection Companion, which describes the essential context and the pathway of child protection cases. Later in 2024 it will include the Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse, also known as the ‘Purple Book’. To access, click Log in at the top of this website and enter your membership number and password used for your RCPCH online account.

RCPCH Medical student members and Honorary Fellows do not have access to secure content as part of their membership.


If you are a healthcare professional, social worker, legal professional who works in child health or a medical student and wish to access secure content on this website, you can apply for associate or affiliate RCPCH membership.

Your subscription starts on the date you subscribe and lasts for 12 months, with an option to renew each year as part of your RCPCH membership. Access is for one person only, and is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Check your membership type and apply


We will be happy to discuss options for your organisation.

  • Bulk individual licences: users would be able to log in from a variety of desktops, regardless of where they were located
  • Access via referring URL: this is commonly used for those institutions who would like to place the online link to the portal on their intranet
  • Access via IP range: this enables access on any devices that is using a specific IP range (or set of IP ranges)

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